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Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (Outer Ctn Qty: 50)

This advanced tyre pressure monitoring system helps you to keep track of your vehicle’s tyre pressure during your journey. Helping you to improve fuel efficiency and and prolong the life of your tyres.

It is ideal for both single or twin axle caravans, motorhomes and most four-wheel vehicles which includes cars, 4x4s, estates and vans.

The system is incredibly easy to install and set up. There’s no complicated wiring involved and it only takes a few minutes to install. All you need to do is fit the sensors onto your tyre’s valve and your setup is complete.

The monitor features two charging options. There’s a solar panel that is built-in to the monitor which needs to be underneath direct sunlight for it to absorb solar energy to charge the built-in battery. The second is the USB charging option which is handy when there is little or no sunlight.

The monitor shows real time information, showing both the temperature and tyre pressure. And it signals an alarm for either air loss, high/low pressure, high temperature and low battery.

  • Suitable for single and twin axle caravans
  • PSI or bar pressure display
  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Provides real-time information on the health of your tyres

Barcode: 5026637668883 (Outer Ctn Qty: 50)

Stock Code: LW612


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