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4Amp 6/12V Smart Battery Charger - Returned

This intelligent 6V/12V battery charger comes with a built-in microprocessor that automatically controls the amount of charge to prolong the life of your battery and to prevent it from overcharging.

This battery charger follows a 3-step process:

Bulk stage: If the battery is severely flat, the charger will deliver its maximum charge power until the battery level is 80% charged. Absorption stage: Once the battery is at 80%, the charger will reduce the charging power to give a steady charge that is absorbed by your battery. Float stage: At 95% charge, the charger will further reduce its charge power to slowly bring the charge to 100%.

Suitable for charging batteries in cars and motorcycles

  • Includes trickle charge option for slow overnight charge
  • Also has a winter charge option for charging large batteries in freezing temperatures.
  • Suitable for sealed lead acid (SLA), liquid electrolyte, GEL and AGM batteries
  • Supplied with battery charging cables
  • LCD information display
  • Charge power: Between 3 to 120 A.

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