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Magnetic Windscreen Cover 345cm x 105cm (Outer Ctn Qty: 24)

This magnetic front protector has been specially designed for SUVs and vans. This cover helps you save time defrosting your vehicle during the winter months when stubborn & harsh morning frost is quite common.

This protector provides complete coverage over your van/SUV’s windscreen and it also covers both front side windows as well as the wing mirrors.

The cover comes with 21 magnets that are located all along the edges and it also comes with two internal flaps to help secure the cover in place.

  • Suitable for SUVs and vans
  • Size: Approx. 345cm x 105cm (136” x 41”)
  • Covers windscreen, front side windows and wing mirrors

Barcode: 5026637666087 Outer Ctn Qty: 24

Stock Code: SWUFP5


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