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EMOVE Warranty Policy

EMOVE Auxiliary Caravan motor mover 5 YEAR GUARANTEE

This EMOVE Auxiliary Caravan motor mover product is supplied with a 60 month guarantee, subject as provided below, against any faults in materials and/or manufacturing provided they are reported as soon as reasonably practicable after being identified, and, in any event, within 60 months of the date of purchase.

This guarantee is free of charge and valid from the date of purchase. This guarantee is not transferrable. The terms of this guarantee apply to products purchased for use in the United Kingdom.

We will not be liable under the terms of this guarantee for:

  • (a) damage caused by exceptional environmental conditions or the product having come into contact with unsuitable materials;
  • (b) damage caused by modifications or adjustments made to the product without our agreement;
  • (c) damage caused by repairs or adjustments which have been carried out by persons not authorised by us;
  • (d) maintenance or repair or replacement of parts needed by reason of normal wear and tear;
  • (e) improper installation, assembly or failure to observe operating or assembly instructions;
  • (f) misuse of the product (including, without limitation, use of the product for other than its normal purpose); or
  • (g) poor maintenance;

In the event of a valid claim being made under this guarantee, we will decide whether to repair or replace of the product.

We may require you to send or deliver any products that can reasonably be transported or posted to us by post or other delivery service. In any other case, where we decide to repair the product, this will take place on site. Where repairs are to take place on site, you must afford the engineer reasonable access to the product at the time when he or she attends to carry out the repairs.

In all cases you must present your purchase receipt to us as proof of purchase so please ensure you retain this.

Please note that the provision of a repair or replacement under this guarantee will not extend the term of this guarantee or give rise to any new guarantee. In relation to any spare part fitted to a product, the term of the guarantee will end with the expiry of the term of the guarantee on the product to which the spare part is fitted.

Please note also that any parts which are replaced under this guarantee pass into our ownership.

Your statutory rights are not affected by this guarantee. Nor does this guarantee affect the obligations of your retailer and your contract with them.

Should you have an applicable fault which you are unable to self diagnose or resolve, please contact us on 0161 509 5503

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