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Why Us

Our Services

As a company, we are committed to supporting the needs of our customers by offering them the highest quality of service possible. The services we provide cover the following areas:


We out-source products from various factories around the world. Our in-house Purchasing team carry out extensive research to ensure we only supply products of the highest quality to our customers, which meet the requirements of the consumer marketplace. Therefore, our customers can be confident that the products they will receive are both current on the market and hot sellers!

Quality Control

Our Quality Control department has undertaken necessary growth within the last few years, to ensure we are investing adequate time and resources into thoroughly testing our products, especially for the hi-tech products within our accessories range. The majority of our technical products have undergone multiple testing, to check for recurring issues, in order to mitigate these prior to them being placed onto the marketplace and then sold onto customers.


Our company has a dedicated team of individuals on hand to deal with sales related customer queries, including processing orders, tracking orders out for delivery and opening a new account. We provide a high standard of customer service and aim to go above and beyond to support the business requirements of all of our customers! For all sales enquiries, visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.


All of our products are distributed from our large warehouse, which is situated in the popular trading estate of Trafford Park, Manchester. Our 100,000 sq  ft warehouse has the capacity to hold over 1000 of our product lines and therefore has substantial storage space for large stock. This also provides us with ample opportunity to continuously diversify our product range. Our experienced team of warehouse operatives prepare all orders for delivery and we only use professional couriers, which allow us to track customer deliveries from the point of dispatch.

The staff from our warehouse work closely with the sales team to ensure all orders are dispatched and received on time with minimal issues, in line with our customer's requirements.


Through marketing, we aim to increase brand awareness and nurture the relationships we have with our existing customers. Currently, we are working towards achieving these goals through various digital channels, including the Website, Blog, Social Media, Email and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our website is our largest online platform and is at the heart of all our marketing communications. All company news, product information and contact details can be found here. This is also the medium our customers use to place orders online. Our in-house Graphics Design team are responsible for producing ehanced content for our customers. This includes high-resolution images, product demonstration videos and infographics. In addition to this, we also work with specialist copywriters to provide enhanced copy to our customers, which is optimised with certain keywords, that will help our product listings on customer's websites rank higher in search engine results.

In terms of offline marketing, our sales respresentatives are often hands on with the in-situ point-of-sale displays in our customer's shops. We are able to offer our customers support with their in-store displays of our products, so they are presented in the best way possible, in order to increase interest in our range amongst the general public. It has been proven time again that product displays help to influence the purchase decisions of consumers, so the more appealing our displays appear in different stores, the higher the probability of increasing sales. Also, it is imperative for us as a business to ensure our products stand out against those of our competitors. In addition, we offer professional product catalogues to all our trade customers, which are updated each year to include new additions to our range of accessories. We appreciate that not all of our customers have online access. Therefore, our product catalogues are the most beneficial for these particular customers.


Our Graphics Design team work hard to ensure all important information and other necessary changes are updated onto the packaging of our products. All artwork is produced in-house, where our Quality Control department are able to carry out the required checks, in order to guarantee all technical specifications are accurate and that we are staying within ethical guidelines.

Furthermore, included within all our product packaging are instructions or a product manual, where applicable. Our accessories are available in either bagged, boxed or blister packaging. We are also committed to reducing single use plastics within our packaging where possible, to help contribute to the environment and prevent further ocean plastic pollution!⁠

Technical Support

We have a group of specialists on board in our team to provide technical product support to both our customers and the general public. All technical queries can be emailed to Please note our team aim to respond to all technical queries within 2-3 business days. Also, our Technical Support team take into consideration any feedback received from customers, so we can continuously improve our products and services. All feedback is available to view on our Trustpilot page.

In addition, both our Technical Support and Graphics Design teams have recently been working together to improve the manuals for our products. This is especially the case for the highly technical products within our range. All product manuals are available to download directly from our website here.

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