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12V Car-to-Car Charger/Jumpstart Plug Set (Outer Ctn Qty: 6)

A car-to-car charger/jump starter that doesn’t require you to lift the bonnet of either the donor or recipient’s car. This piece of kit is made up of a 6 metre cable with 12V charger/jumpstarter plugs on either side of the cable.

The kit is easy-to-use, simply insert the 12V plugs to the 12V socket of each vehicle to either jump start or charge the battery, without any hassle.

Both plugs can be configured to become either donor or recipient, and they both display the battery level meter of the recipient’s battery.

It also comes with short circuit protection to avoid damaging the vehicle’s electrical systems.

  • Easy-to-use, no need to go under the bonnet using booster cables
  • The 12V plugs are adjustable thanks to its 90 degree range of motion
  • 6m cable between the 12V plugs
  • Short circuit protection

Please note, the battery level of the donor must be fully charged before using this product to jumpstart your vehicle.

Barcode: 5026637628214 Outer Ctn Qty: 6

Stock Code: SWCG

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