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Car To Car Charger/Jumpstarter (Outer Ctn Qty: 6)

Car to car charger/jump starter. Small cars can now jumpstart larger cars and vans!

  • Battery level of the donor vehicle must be fully charged
  • Simple to use with no need to go under the bonnet with booster cables
  • Charges from a vehicle 12V power socket, no need to open the bonnet
  • Charges a flat battery in minutes
  • Easy to read digital display & adjustable angle 12V power plug
  • Adjustable 12V plug allows for use on multiple car types and centre console styles. Features a 90 degree range of motion
  • Clear LCD screen provides a quick and easy way to read the recipient vehicles battery information without the need for an excess of tools
  • Connects both vehicles through 12V power sockets
  • 6m cable for easy connection between vehicles
  • Short circuit protection avoids damage to vehicle electrical systems

Barcode: 5026637628214 Outer Ctn Qty: 6

Stock Code: SWCG


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