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150 Watt (300 Watt Peak) Modified Sine Wave Inverter (Box Qty: 20)

For people who need access to a power supply when they’re on the road. This modified sine wave inverter provides 150W continuous power (300W peak) and it safely converts a 12V DC vehicle battery to a 230V AC power supply.

Suitable for powering up electrical appliances that require up to 150W. Ideal for operating laptops, stereos, mobile phone chargers, 32” LCD TVs, and other appliances that require upto 150W.

The inverter comes in an anodized aluminium case with a built-in cooling fan to protect against overheating.

Compatible with most 12V cars, 4x4s and motorcycles. It is also suitable for most caravans, motorhomes and boats. Supplied with a 12V plug socket connection cable.

Please note, inverters should be purchased based on continuous power. The peak power output only lasts for a limited time.

  • 150W continuous power.
  • 300W peak power.
  • One 3-pin UK plug socket.
  • One USB charging port.
  • Supplied with 12V plug socket connection cable.
  • Anodized aluminium case with built-in cooling fan.
  • Suitable for 12V vehicles including cars, 4x4s, motorcycle, caravans & more.
  • Not suitable for operating medical equipment, fluorescent lights and printers.
  • Recommended battery size: 12V/45Ah
  • Running time at continuous power: 3 hours

*Important Information: *

Our modified sine wave inverters are suitable for general requirement for use inside vehicles, boats, caravans and boats. They are suitable for:

• powering laptops • phone chargers • tablets & games consoles • Lighting (non ballast) • Charging batteries in cordless power tools

Our modified sine wave inverters are not suitable / recommended for:

• Solar installations • Medical equipment, such as CPAP machines with humidifiers • Power tools running on AC motor and variable speed controls • Some Newer TV’s – refer to manufacturer guide. • Items with digital clocks and electric timers including washing machines and bread makers. • Devices that use thyristors like laser printers and photocopiers • Fluorescent lights • Audio Equipment, satellite systems and video equipment • Appliances with heating elements • High power items which use an AC motor such as larger fridges, microwaves and compressors.

Barcode: 5026637610882 Carton Qty: 20

Stock Code: SWINV150

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Q: What is the continuous and peak power?

A: Continuous power: 150 Watt. Peak power: 300 Watt

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