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GPS Tracker (Box Qty: 48)

Auto Express® Recommended 2021

An award-winning GPS tracking device that provides peace of mind for both personal and professional use. This tracker provides users with the location of their vehicle straight to the vehicle owner’s smartphone.

It is great for checking up on where your vehicle is when you’re away or for finding the location of your vehicle in the event of it being lost and stolen. The tracker is also suitable for businesses that operate small fleets as well as small businesses that have one van.

To use the device, simply insert the provided 1p mobile a pay-as-you-go SIM into the device and follow the set-up instructions in the detailed manual provided. Once set up, send a SMS message to the tracker and it will reply with a map of the location that is accurate to 10 metres. This costs as little as a price of just 1 SMS message (from as little as 1p - please check with the network provider).

The tracker can be fixed to the car battery for permanent power or it can be charged at home with the supplied charger.

Plus, unlike most trackers on the market, no subscription is required to operate the tracker.

For Multi-Vehicle Use Only

If you want to purchase multiple trackers to keep track of multiple vehicles via the app under one account, then please get in contact with

Key Features

  • Award-winning GPS Tracker
  • Detailed manual included
  • Ideal for tracking cars, caravans, vans and more
  • Pay-as-you-go SIM included (1p Mobile). Not compatible with 3 Network.
  • Uses SMS messaging for communicating location
  • Additional features include live online tracking and GEO fencing. (Requires SIM with mobile data)
  • Also good for tracking children, pets and the elderly
  • Easy to set up and use. Includes pre-programmed settings
  • Compact size: H 5cm x W 5cm x D 1.9cm

Please note that due to scheduled maintenance, the TKSTAR app will be down until further notice. Please use the Winnes APP with the same login details. If you are still experiencing issues, please email along with your ID number.

Please download our NEW manual below for up-to-date Tracker settings.

Barcode: 5026637630071 Carton Qty: 48

Stock Code: SWTRACK1

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Q: The SIM card I’m using with my tracker doesn’t seem to be working, what should I do? Do I have to use the SIM provided?

A: Our trackers don’t work with the 3 mobile network and those smaller companies that use 3 mobile network as a signal provider. The SIM provided (1p Mobile) is currently one of the best deals on the market and we include this to help get the tracker setup quickly for you at no extra cost.

Q: When sending commands to my tracker, for some reason, the tracker is not responding. I am following the commands in the manual, and I am putting the underscore as stated in your manual. Am I doing something wrong?

A: It appears the issue is to do with the underscore. Simply replace the underscore with a space. This will resolve the issue.

Q : One of the LED lights on the tracker keeps flashing, is that suppose to happen? Or is there something wrong with my tracker?

A: Normally, when the GPS tracker is on, both the green LED light and blue LED light needs to be flashing. This indicates that the device is receiving both GPS and GPRS signal. However, on the rare occurrence, if the green LED is static, this means the tracker is not receiving GPRS. If the blue LED is static, this means the tracker is not receiving a GPS signal. In both case, where the tracker is not receiving either GPRS and GPS signal, you will need to move the tracker to prompt signal.

Q: How much credit do you get with the provided SIM card?

A: With the included 1p Mobile SIM, it comes pre-paid with £1.

Q: Why 1p Mobile SIM?

A: The 1p Mobile pay-as-you-go SIM offers one of the best rates currently in the market. For £10, it will last 120 days and, if you prefer, £30 for the whole year. This is subject to usage levels.

Q: I used to receive messages from my tracker when it was moving but recently it has stopped, why has this happened?

A: If the tracker has been stationery for a while or a prolonged period of time, it will set itself to sleep mode until prompted to start sending SMS messages again. To get the tracker to continue as before, simply send the command “shock123456”. For future reference, should you wish to turn this feature off, for any reason, simply send the command “noshock123456”.

Q: How can I check my trackers current location?

A: Just send following command SMS “G123456#” to your tracker. You will receive a SMS message with a link to a Google Map location this will show you where the tracker is currently located.

Q: Will Whatsapp or iMessage work to activate the tracker?

A: No, the message must be in SMS format only, otherwise the tracker will not be received.

Q: I need to reset my tracker as I made mistake during setup, how can I do that?

A: If you ever need to reset the tracker please send the SMS command Begin123456. Should you ever need to hard reset the unit, there is a button indented on the front which would have to be pressed.

Q: I’m trying to setup the app on my phone but I’m having difficulties. What can I do?

A: To set the app up on your phone, you would need send SMS command 'Admin123456 ' to the tracker (please add in the space between the command and your mobile number). If you are using the SIM card we have provided, then all you need to do is follow the commands as outlined in our product manual as they are written. If you are using a SIM of your choosing you can obtain this information by going to any internet search provider and type your SIM cards carrier followed by APN.

Q: The app is asking for my IMEI/ID where can I find this?

A: Your IMEI/ID is the unique number on the back of the tracker which starts with 4109. It is important that you keep a record of this number especially if you need any technical support with the item.

Q: I plan to use several trackers for my business or for my vehicles at home, but I am unable to log in to each tracker, is there anything that can be done?

A: If you contact Streetwize Technical Support (, we can create an account for you where all trackers show up under one login allowing you to have greater control and access of your devices.

Q: What do you mean by Geo-Fence?

A: The Geo-Fence feature allows you or your business to create a virtual fence around your property or place of work. Should the vehicle ever leave this designated area you will receive an immediate notification of this happening along with a link to live tracking.

Q: I am having trouble logging in. The app keeps telling me there is an issue with the IP address or IP command change. I am not sure what to do?

A: If you encounter an error during login, please contact Technical Support on

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