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Reverse Parking Sensor Kit with Audio Warning & LED Display (Box Qty: 20)

This Reverse Parking Sensor kit assists drivers to safely reverse their vehicle for parallel parking and tight parking spaces, especially when it is difficult to judge how much space there is when manoeuvring the vehicle backwards.

The kit includes an audio warning system and LED display, that signals the driver when they are reversing very close to a nearby vehicle, wall, barrier or person. The display monitor can easily be installed anywhere on the vehicle dashboard.

The kit comes with 4 sensors that need to be fitted on the rear bumper. These sensors can detect either people or objects within a range between 0.6m to 1.8m.

For installing the reverse parking kits, please read the detailed information for use which are included with this product.

Box includes:

  • Multi tone audio & LED display monitor
  • Control unit
  • 4x Parking sensors
  • Power and connecting cables
  • Hole saw drill bit for fitting parking sensors
  • Detailed manual included
  • 5m Cable

Barcode: 5026637621994 Carton Qty: 20

Stock Code: SWPARK1


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Q: How do i know when the system is active?

A: The system activates automatically when the reverse gear is engaged.

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