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Headlight Restoration Kit (Outer Ctn Qty: 36)

This headlight restoration kit helps to restore faded, yellowed and dull headlights to help improve visibility, especially when driving on poorly lit roads.

Poor conditions of headlights are one of the most common reasons as to why MOTs fail. This restoration kit allows you to get your headlights back in a decent condition, helping drivers save money on MOT retests (and having to replace the actual headlights).

The restoration kit provides a simple 3-step process. The first step, with the supplied backer pad and sanding disc, is to sand down the headlights. This is followed by the second step that involves polishing headlights using the wool polish disc. The third step involves applying UV protection with the white sponge.

Kit includes a buffing wheel for drill, masking tape, sanding discs, polishing paste, UV protection liquid, wool polish disc & sponge.

  • The kit is intended to restore two headlights
  • Supplied with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Improves headlight visibility
  • Restores headlights that have faded, yellowed or hazy
  • Follows 3 simple steps: sand, polish and protect
  • For restoring headlights, tail lights, fog lights or directional light

Barcode: 5026637673139 Outer Ctn Qty: 36

Stock Code: SWHL

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