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PDQ of 6 Microfibre Wash Sponge (Outer Ctn Qty: 12 PDQ of 6 = 72 singles)

  • Display of 6
  • 23cm x 11cm x 7cm
  • Washable and reusable
  • Effortless Washing
  • Tough for Scrubbing
  • Ultra fine fibres effortlessly attract hold and lift dirt , dust and grease from any surface
  • The special microfibres are so effective that no chemicals or soaps are needed to clean surfaces , just a little water
  • Super absorbent, traps liquid in until squeezed out
  • Extra tough microfibre side scrubbers for tough pieces of dirt, bugs & grime. Long lasting , simple wash clean and use again & again

Barcode: 5026637628917 Outer Ctn Qty: 12 PDQ of 6 = 72 singles

Stock Code: SWCR7


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